Colin Stone

Colin has worked with Baird Partners since 2002. With a background in the Chemical and Allied industries for many years, he specialises in the Chemical Sectors, although also operates in other areas. He has a wide range of contacts within the Chemical sector and operates comfortably both in the UK and cross border. Colin specialises in the Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industries, Bio-Technology Industry and Chemical Engineering Activities.

He holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Marketing and technology and is a Chartered Chemist. He has worked for BP Chemicals, Amoco Chemical Corporation and The Lubrizol Corporation (together with a number of other companies across a broad range of Chemical Activities.) He was an International Sales Manger for Amoco, and a Strategic Business Mananger for Lubrizol, instrumental in setting up a global business within the organisation.

He has worked in the UK, USA, China and Germany, and has travelled globally.


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